Letter of support from Michelle Wu Boston City Councillor At Large

Letter of support from Jay Livingstone State Representative

“I am always happy to support ARCK’s mission of ensuring that students across Boston have the opportunity to receive a high-quality arts education.  By investing in our children and providing arts curriculum to students that otherwise would not receive it, the work of ARCK continues to be invaluable to our communities.  I look forward to attending the gala in November and helping to celebrate both what the organization has already achieved and their vision for the future.”
Josh Zakim, Boston City Councillor

“The ARCK program has been a fantastic support to our English and history curricula.  When students were reading A Single Shard, a story about Korean potters, students had the opportunity to use clay to create their own pottery, which helped them to better comprehend the experiences of the characters.  Their willingness and priority to make these curricular connections is phenomenal!

It was tremendous to witness students on a stage in front of the entire school describing their art work who often shy away from the spotlight and from participating in classroom discussions and presentations.  The ARCK program provides them the opportunity to shine!”
– Debbie O’Shea, Learning Specialist for 6th and 7th grade, Gardner Pilot Academy

“I like art classes because it helps me concentrate in my other classes.”
– Anahya, Gardner Pilot Academy, 5th grade

“At first I didn’t know how to draw anything, but the teachers helped me and pushed me to continue what I do. I really like working with them.”
– Bergeline, Gardner Pilot Academy, 6th grade

“I feel really privileged and proud to be part of ARCK. I am excited to share the value of art with developing creative minds. It’s a beautiful thing to watch a child grow.”
– Marian Dioguardi, Artist

“ARCK interns collaborate with classroom teachers to plan and implement visual art projects that are integrated into the Science and English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum. They cultivate students’ creativity and enthusiasm for learning by designing art projects that engage and support learning as well as encourage each student’s creativity.”
– Connie Postma, Teacher, Josiah Quincy Elementary School

“While ARCK gives elementary school students an opportunity become immersed in visual arts by creating their own art projects in the context of their own community, instructors also have a meaningful experience. In creating and implementing weekly visual arts sessions with students, as an instructor I get a brief glimpse of the dreams and aspirations of these young people. In seeing them complete a project from start to finish, I get to see what is challenging them, what motivates them, and what they are most proud of, which is incredible.”
– Marissa A. Gutiérrez-Vicario, ARCK Teacher, Gardner Pilot Academy
Master of Education, 2013 (Harvard University)

“Teaching has always been a passion of mine and volunteering in the field reinforces that enthusiasm, especially when I can combine teaching with science–a subject that I am also very passionate about. The arts are a critical aspect of human life. Experiencing art at an early age can only benefit the individual and society. I was therefore overjoyed when I learned that I would be able to work with ARCK and give young students the opportunity to learn with and from art. The class space and material are wonderful, Ms. Postma is always very helpful in the classroom and is a great resource.”
– Chealsea Anagnoson, ARCK Intern, Josiah Quincy Elementary School

“My experience as ARCK’s 2014-2015 Education Intern was a challenging but highly rewarding introduction to the field of arts education and non-profit work. Collaborating with ARCK’s incredibly dedicated, resourceful, and supportive teaching artists and interns was a wonderful learning experience and I will always be grateful for the skills and knowledge I gained working with them. Most of all, being surrounded by the creative, brilliant, and hard-working young artists in ARCK’s classes taught me more than I could’ve asked for about the power and process of art-making – my students helped me realize that art is just as much about making mistakes (and having fun making them) as it is about making masterpieces.
– Claire Brown, Education Intern

“I am a software engineer. I manage the ARCK website. I’ve been volunteering for ARCK for over four years, and I find it a highly rewarding experience. I love working with the many interesting and talented volunteers of ARCK and I love seeing the art created by the students. Besides helping children, ARCK had a huge impact on my life as well. While volunteering for ARCK, Sara influenced me to start taking art lessons for fun, and I quickly realized that I love oil painting. Art has become a central part of my life. Painting makes me feel happy and focused; it opens my mind to detail and creative thinking. I believe art really helps with problem solving skills and seeing new opportunities.”
– Andrea Blake, ARCK Website Content Manager