Core Program


ARCK’s signature program focuses on intercultural exchanges and explores children’s identity via art in K-8 classrooms. Through our carefully-designed 36-week curriculum, students break down barriers, understand and appreciate their own values, and gain global awareness. The curriculum consists of 12-week modules that explore cultural identity (Leadership module), community participation (Civic Engagement module), and social and global awareness (Social Justice module), all built on a foundation of art-making. ARCK’s highly-qualifed, trained teaching artists collaborate closely with classroom teachers to customize grade level-appropriate lessons that tie in with academic objectives, including English Language Arts (ELA)  and STEM. Through this program, we use art as a vehicle for social impact, helping students to reach their greatest potential.

2017-18 Curriculum

Our core program is organized into three modules: Leadership, Civic Engagement, and Social Justice. In addition, every year we focus on an overarching theme in our curriculum: for the 2015-16 school year, we explored the plight of global refugees; in 2016-17, the theme was environmental issues; and for this upcoming year, our yearly theme will be Social Entrepreneurship through Sustainable Design. By focusing on social entrepreneurship, we aim to plant the seed for building a socially-responsible workforce.

Our Program’s Three Modules: