Program Descriptions


ARCK’s signature program focuses on intercultural exchanges and explores children’s identity via art in K-8 classrooms. Through our carefully-designed 36-week curriculum, students break down barriers, understand and appreciate their own values, and gain global awareness. ARCK’s curriculum consists of 12-week modules that explore cultural identity (Leadership module), community participation (Civic Engagement module), and social and global awareness (Social Justice Module), all built on a foundation of art-making. Lessons are customized to be grade-level appropriate and to tie in with English Language Arts (ELA) topics and STEAM, always relevant to academic objectives and 21st-century skills. Through this program, we unlock students’ creative and academic potential through art.

ARCK provides high-quality arts instruction by teaching artists (many of whom are multilingual) from Boston area training programs including the Arts-In-Education programs at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Mass College of Art, Lesley University, Boston University, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Module 1 (Weeks 1-12): LEADERSHIP

Module 2 (Weeks 13-24): CIVIC ENGAGEMENT

Module 3 (Weeks 25-36): SOCIAL JUSTICE

Core values: Cultural Exchanges, Community Engagement, Academic and Literacy Integration, Leadership and Social Justice

Program Goals

  • Offer equal access to interdisciplinary arts education programs – innovative and creative arts education that supports all kind of learners.
  • Support students’ leadership, civic engagement, and social responsibility, allowing them to realize their highest potential while learning their academic subjects.
  • Celebrate the diversity of students’ intercultural exchanges, helping them now and tomorrow socially, politically, and economically.
  • Advocate for and collectively impact the safety and education of our students in partnership with other organizations and elected officials.