Core Program


ARCK’s signature program focuses on intercultural exchanges and explores children’s identity via art in K-8 classrooms. Through our carefully-designed 36-week curriculum, students break down barriers, understand and appreciate their own values, and gain global awareness. ARCK’s curriculum consists of 12-week modules that explore cultural identity (Leadership module), community participation (Civic Engagement module), and social and global awareness (Social Justice module), all built on a foundation of art-making. Lessons are customized to be grade-level appropriate and to tie in with English Language Arts (ELA) topics and STEAM, always relevant to academic objectives and 21st century skills. Through this program, we unlock students’ creative and academic potential through art.

Module 1 (Weeks 1-12): LEADERSHIP. Themes include self-expression, respect, community participation, and diversity projects through intercultural exchanges.

Module 2 (Weeks 13-24): CIVIC ENGAGEMENT.  ARCK classes utilize positive community building pedagogy to discuss what it means to be an active citizen and to envision positive communities.

Module 3 (Weeks 25-36): SOCIAL JUSTICE. ARCK uses art, historical movements, international artists, and diverse cultural traditions to support young people’s understandings of justice, struggles, conflict, and community.

Program Goals

  • Offer equal access to interdisciplinary arts education programs – innovative and creative arts education that supports all kind of learners.
  • Support students’ leadership, civic engagement, and social responsibility, allowing them to reach their greatest potential while learning their academic subjects.
  • Celebrate the diversity of students’ intercultural exchanges, helping them now and tomorrow socially, politically, and economically.
  • Advocate for and collectively impact the safety and education of our students in partnership with other organizations and elected officials.